Social Networks

Look in the right-hand column.  See the heading Social Networks?  You will find links under this heading that will take you to many resources.  You will learn what social networks are and why they are so popular.  You will learn how to help your child set up a profile that is safe. Social Networks tend to get bad publicity in the news.  However, social networks can be used in meaningful, constructive ways.  Take for instance when the horrific tragedy struck the campus of Virginia Tech. last year on April 16, 2007.  Technology including cell phones, video cameras, blogs, IMs, and yes, social networks, played a huge roll in the communication of students,  faculty and family members. "Shortly after shots were heard on Virginia Tech’s campus, sophomore Katie Olsen logged onto her profile and started a new group: “I’m Okay at VT.” So far, it has 3,456 members. The first postings, messages written on the Web site’s “wall” just hours have the first shots, spread information faster than many of the more traditional channels available to students. At 2:18pm on the 16th, one student begins: “Many of us are all worried about our friends, so lets do this. If you are okay! Please update your status in facebook to say something like ‘i’m okay’” Read full article Virginia Tech--Using Facebook To Deal With Tragedy. Posted by: Bruce Nussbaum on April 18, 2007.   "All across the country, students logged on to sites like Facebook in an attempt to connect and begin the healing process. The Facebook group "A tribute to those who passed at the Virginia Tech Shooting" that had 34,436 members at 8 p.m. Monday had over 245,000 members on Wednesday, along with nearly 15,000 wall posts."" Read full article Facebook becomes forum for supporters, by Krysten Appelbaum  However, even with positive examples of how social networks can be effective, if someone is not careful, they may put themselves at risk of a dangerous situation.  Predators view social networks like an amusement park.  If personal information is easily accessible, then the ride will be more fun and faster for the predator.  I hope you find the information you need.  If not, send a comment and I’ll help you with your needs and concerns.  Go ahead, make a comment, you won’t break it!!!  :  )  barb wagers