Social Networking Reading and Righting Skills

Parents, WC WIBNI U KWI am saying in this ARE 1-D-R IU need help figuring out this message.  IHA LSHMBH it's NTK U RBTL Btw, this is hard. TLK2UL8R BBIAB EOM

Ok, I have to admit, I cheated.  I had to use the 12 page Chat Abbreviations document to write this message to you. 

Now do you want to know what I said?

Parents,  WC Welcome WIBNI Wouldn't it be nice if U you KWI knew what I am saying in this ARE acronym-rich envioronment? 1-D-R Wondering IU if you need help figuring out this message.  IHA I hate acronyms. LSHMBH (Laugh so hard my belly hurts.) it's NTK nice to know U you RBTL read between the lines Btw, by the way, this is hard. TLK2UL8R talk to you later BBIAB be back in a bit EOM end of message

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