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Parents and guardians,  Thank you so much for accessing this website.  In the Parent Zone, you will find specific information for you, however, please go to the different areas on the website to find more detailed information about individual topics.

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Do you know where your kids go?  Click on the link to see the Public Service Announcement and more resources:
Parents, these videos are a MUST SEE!!!FRONTLINE has served as American public television's flagship public affairs series.  Two areas of this site, you have to visit: video series is called Growing Up Online. The seven videos will help better understand our kids today. The videosdescribe the generation of digital users, why they are using technology and why they are exploring different personalities online.  One video is titled The Child Predator Fear, another is called Private Worlds Outside Parents' Reach, as well as Cyberbullying.  I highly recommend you watch all of them.
NetSmartz411 is parents' and guardians' premier, online resource for answering questions about Internet safety, computers, and the Web.
Online video games is another way internet predators can find children.  It doesn't matter whether it is site you have to pay for or a free game site, if your child is setting up a profile and game name, they must be discreet with their personal information.
How about reading a book to your young child called Little Red in Cyberspace? On the library website the synopsis reads, "A modern day take on the classic fairy tale is designed to teach young children about Internet safety. Little Red just wants to surf the Net but the Big Bad Wolf is always lurking."You can access this book by Meghan Price by going to the Aurora Public Library's website and follow the directions below.go to in the left column, select KidsOnline and choose E Reader  next select Tumblebooks in the search box write Little Red in Cyberspace and click on go Click on the book and enjoy

"WIRED WITH WISDOM® has been uniquely designed to provide parents, teachers, law enforcement officers & youth leaders with useful information and solutions related to the problems faced by today's e-generation....

The issues addressed include: • Social Networking • E-mail • Cell phone dangers • Emerging technology • Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging Safety • Personal Website Danger Zones • World Wide Web Safety Considerations Click here to check it out.

Two great sites for young children are: and

You will find games, stories, videos, activities and other cool stuff to teach internet safety to your young child.

Click here for a Child Pornography Fact Sheet from the NCMEC . It will help you define child pornography, what possesses someone, their motives and the effects.  Check out the homepage by clicking on the icon.        

Learn about the cybertipline, what to do if your child is missing or being sexually exploited.  Also learn about the Amber Alert system.

Maybe you remember the high profile abduction and death of Polly Klaas in Petaluma, California in 1993. "In the midst of searching for Polly, phone calls began coming in from other parents whose children were missing. These parents wanted advice on ways to find their children. Some volunteers at the Polly Klaas Search Center began to specialize in helping other parents find their missing children."Within a month after Polly’s kidnapping, the volunteer search team received official non-profit status. And the Polly Klaas® Foundation was born."

At the Polly Klaas Foundation site, you can receive a free internet safety kit, valuable information about finding missing kids, there is a Sex Offender Database and much more.   Click here to check it out.

Parents, this is off the subject, but I encourage you to check out this resource titled A Resource for Parents Whose Child is Missing by Marc Klaas.  At the end of the article, there are many resources for you.
Parents, I have discovered a free newsletter about many internet safety topics that you can see and access or have them sent to you via email.  Go to and under the Navigation Links on the left side of the page, click on Free Newsletter.  Check it out!!!  Good info.