"Everyone is panicking about sexual predators online, ... that's why parents are freaking. But what they really need to freak about and pay a lot more attention about is cyberstalking, harassment and cyberbullying ..." , says Parry Aftab, Executive director of Look in the right-hand column.  See the heading Cyberbullying?  You will find links under this heading that will take you to many resources.  You will learn what cyberbullying is and how devasting it can be to a person.  You will be able to identify changed behaviors in your child and learn how to ask them if they are being cyberbullied.  There are videos available that will show you what cyberbullying is and how it has led to suicide.  I will share news articles and stories to illustrate its impact on people. I hope you find the information you need.  If not, send a comment and I’ll help you with your needs and concerns.  barb wagers Click here to read the complete article by Parry Aftab.