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Look in the right-hand column.  See the heading Curriculum for Educators?  You will find links under this heading that will take you to many resources. I hope you find the information you need. 

Bullying Awareness Week  Stand Up! (to bullying) November 14 - 20, 2010 Bullying Awareness Week

The Canadian government understands that bullying is a serious issue in our schools and communities, and they believe that children have the right to learn in a safe environment. is an excellent anti-bullying resource for students, parents, and educators.  I think we also believe that chilfren has the right to learn in a safe environment as well.          I invite you to follow the day by day guide during Bullying Awareness Week. 

One of the most popular curriculums on this topic is 

iSafe is the world's leader in internet safety education.  Students may become iMentors, make their own movies for iSafe and parents can also become certified to train.

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The National Cyber Security Alliance has a great website:  with several tips and curriculum sites.  There is also an Assessment kids can take to see how safe they are on their own computers.  The assessment is good for the older kids.  Check it out first.